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Our Aims & Objectives


Parents want the reassurance that their child will receive the individual attention that will give them the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace. They want to know that their child is in a secure, warm and friendly environment with caring staff.


Our main objectives are:

About Us

  • To produce happy, confident children who enjoy the activities they take part in.

  • To provide happy staff who have the right qualifications and experience, and who will be able to make the children feel secure and happy.

  • To encourage parents to take part in their children’s learning and development.

  • To provide a safe, warm, stimulating learning environment to the children

  • To monitor the progress of children through observation and development charts

  • To ensure that parents know that their comments and suggestions will be valued.

  • To provide toys, resources and equipment that is age appropriate.

  • To provide adequate supervision to children involved in different activities

  • To provide a stable routine to the children

  • To encourage good behaviour and manners in the children.